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The proposed building is conceived as a compact two-storey building that embodies the alignments of Jarilla and Costanilla streets, leaving an internal void as a block patio, thus guaranteeing the double orientation in all the homes. The building, in the shape of an L, and with the main façade facing the future square projected on Jarilla street, breaks down on the ground floor as an alley, allowing the public space (street and square) to extend towards the interior, until the community patio. This patio is configured as a controlled public space, a space for relationships and access to the different houses or apartments, and guaranteeing their cross ventilation.


There are 10 homes with a varied program of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, predominantly the 2-bedroom apartment-home:

  • Ground floor with 5 houses: one with 1 bedroom and four with 2 bedrooms

  • First floor with 5 houses: one with 1 bedroom, one with 2 bedrooms and three with 3 bedrooms, the latter of which are duplexes, taking advantage of the space under cover.


On the ground floor, access to the five houses is through the alley and the communal interior patio. On this floor we find four two-bedroom homes and a one-bedroom apartment. All homes have a living-dining room-kitchen through two facing facades. The access alley will be used to place in it the common elements of postal services, cabinets of necessary facilities and community warehouse. Access to the first floor homes is via a staircase and a covered gallery, facing the interior patio. On this floor we find again five houses in total: one with one bedroom, one with two bedrooms and three duplex houses with three bedrooms and a terrace, taking advantage of the space under cover allowed by urban regulations. All homes have their own clothesline, patio or terrace space, and in their design it has been considered to guarantee the privacy of the homes with respect to the interior community space, generally turning the main spaces towards public roads and the secondary spaces to courtyard.


In short, a serious exercise in building siltation is proposed in one of the areas of the city with the greatest need for formal and architectural regeneration in order to revitalize the activity in that place.




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