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I began my journey on the architectural path in 2010, specifically at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Seville where I would study the fullness of my career until its end in 2016, years during which my enthusiasm for creative currents in general grew, encompassing different artistic disciplines.

My affinity with architecture and art in general was the cause of a continuous process of introspection and concerns about the fact of formalizing and making real what is intelligible by the mind, during which it has been molded through the work of multiple professionals, not necessarily architects, but somehow related to that discipline.

I conceive, then, that architecture must be born from a multidisciplinary compendium of thoughts and reflections, its essence being the depth and ability that may exist in oneself at the moment of giving life to said ideas.

I am an architect especially attracted by the intangible that architectural design entails: the atmosphere created by the spaces in a project are the soul of the project as well as a faithful reflection of the architect's work.

In addition to architecture, my tendencies extend towards painting, encompassing various drawing techniques, as well as graphic design, music, reading and photography, the creative current in general being the one that gives life and drives my work.

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