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This proposal includes the conditions of the required program according to the urgent compendium of needs that are required in the city of Badajoz when it comes to serving the elderly sector of the city, with the spatial materialization that is set out below:

The expansion, planned in the western part of the plot, will house 80 new places for residents, with their attached spaces. Likewise, it will incorporate the reception of the Day Center. This extension is, in turn, capable of being extended longitudinally at its northern end. The proposal is developed on two floors, although its development on three floors could be further evaluated. It opts for a compact, rectangular-shaped volume, allowing the generation of functional spaces in its interior and the reduction of circulations, avoiding the dead and irregular spaces that occur in the existing building.

It has been chosen to establish the relationship with the existing building through the two levels of the extension, since it does not seem functional to segregate the ground floors of both building bodies, which would make it difficult for staff and users to communicate in both directions.



- Circulation in the perimeter ring is altered, adapting it to the new spatial organization, distinguishing between areas for public and private use. Two parking areas will be created, allowing the roads to be freed for two-way traffic. In any case, enough space is provided to include a section of road surrounding the new building that allows to maintain ring road traffic.

- The spaces for Medical Consultation, Rehabilitation and Hairdressing will be remodeled.
- The administrative area is reorganized so that it can house all administrative services (management, social worker, care manager, waiting area, etc.) in the same space, and relocating the Library to the N end so that it is not located in a transit area as is currently the case.
- The existing building is joined with the extension by means of a double circulation, connecting the lobbies of both bodies, so that the new building, which will function as the reception of the day center, integrates the spaces most commonly used by users of the existing building.
- The laundry area is remodeled, so that its linear arrangement makes it impossible to cross between dirty and clean material.

A space is created for the collection of dirty clothes in front of the access to the laundry, whose containers will receive the load of dirty clothes from any floor of the existing building through a hopper. This hopper is designed as an external assembly.
- The warehouses are organized around a single aisle that is integrated into the service circulations of the plant.
- The Personnel Changing Rooms are designed with the particularity of being able to vary the proportion destined for each sex according to the needs. Likewise, there will be booths adapted for each sex, to be able to serve workers with some type of disability.

In short, a serious intervention is generated in order to give compactness to the whole and functionality to the existing building.

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