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Due to its historical metamorphosis, the prestigious neighborhood of San Luis, close to the Old Town of the city, proposes a territorial analysis that, after an extensive collection of data and deficiencies, provides us with clues about a type of intervention that pursues a clear purpose: provide the area with a recognized neighborhood awareness and, ultimately, an identity. To this end, the type of public that visits the area and how often in a one-day interval, as well as the busiest places and the roads leading to these milestones, is studied from the beginning, detecting the following deficiencies:


  • Absence of a clear route: the plot of the area, common in Seville, does not reveal a clear and bearable pedestrian walkway, but rather an accumulation of narrow streets and squares with no activity whatsoever.

  • Lack of activity: there are several areas in the Plaza José Luis Vila that, due to their situation and conditions, it is hard to believe that their use is so scarce.

  • Lack of a central element as a nucleus that gives the neighborhood its name: most of the consolidated neighborhoods start from this concept: they have some building or urban void that, either due to its history or the importance of its use, gives a clear identity to the neighborhood.


Thus, an urban intervention on a neighborhood scale is proposed with the generation of activity and travel as the objective. For this, the activity catalysts are designed, a kind of container formed by a light ventilated glass envelope that would contain the program demanded by the group of users of the place where it is placed, since they will be easily removable and ephemeral structures, as they would change. of place from time to time depending on the activities demanded.


As the origin of the new route, a civic center is proposed in the central plot of the neighborhood as a great hybrid that generates activity and that gives the area a hitherto unknown neighborhood identity. The building is thought from the idea of ​​how to generate presence in the neighborhood without building so much surface for it. A ventilated translucent glass envelope is then proposed that keeps inside rooms subject to some light "boxes" that seem to fly inside the surrounding surface. With this, it is possible to design very effective comfortable spaces in order to experience the hot climate of Seville and also generate a new concept as the identity of the neighborhood.

The program is made up of classrooms, offices and administration rooms, public stands to contemplate performances that take place in the outer green square on removable stages and on the screen held by a huge mirror that helps to create a pleasant green atmosphere as an outlet for the layout. nearby road. It also has exhibition rooms and ceramic workshops.

In short, the generation of activities that propose an active and busy route originating in a civic center in the core of the neighborhood are the main objectives to which the intervention responds.

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