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Currently, visiting Punta Umbría takes you towards a modern town, with outstanding tourist and fishing infrastructures, where the most modern history is perfectly combined with the most recent, a fact that gives the municipality a tourism of special importance before which architecture must respond in order to assume the population it receives, especially in the summer months.

For this reason, a “family-geriatric” Geriatric Hotel Complex is proposed, a sociologically coherent use that is compatible with the stretch of Punta Umbría beach where the site is located, whose land has certain peculiarities that will shape the intervention . Inside the site, the great unevenness that characterizes it is evident, in addition to the lush interior vegetation.

Taking into account such different aspects, a formal architectural language was sought that would be able to adapt to the unevenness present in the site, with an apparently organic and irregular gesture but with an imposing order that is capable of giving a sense of the whole.

The project could be summarized in a single wall that runs along the perimeter of the site: breaking, lengthening, disappearing and sheltering the different spaces that the complex has, generating a pleasant interior space that stands as a rest in the face of the wall's route through the entirety. of the lot. In order to take on the spaces, the wall offers great versatility in the cafeteria and restaurant area, as the wall folds into more private spaces and other more public spaces, all fully open to the street or to the interior space of the site. As for the gym, the specifications appear at the time when more private spaces are needed such as changing rooms and bathrooms, and fully opening up to the machine area.

The breaks also occur along the project route, welcoming both circulation spaces and bathrooms and other services.

Below ground, the wall once again goes through a different space within the project, such as the spa, which is understood as an area away from outdoor activity, seeking that tranquility and introversion necessary in this type of space.

Finally, the wall is also capable of taking on spaces as important as the living units, which would be accompanied by a private outdoor patio where the wall begins to skew, giving rise to a certain permeability. In this part of the intervention, not only the wall is the protagonist: that organic but orderly geometry reappears on the roofs of these rooms and in the inclination of the walls in order to improve the quality of the interior space.

The intervention in its entirety proposes a different concept in accordance with a place in which habitability varies throughout the year and has varied throughout its history.

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