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The promoter receives the commission for the drafting of the basic project, the execution project and the direction of works for the reform-extension of the house located at Calle Albaicín, 18 in the town of Puebla de la Calzada - 06490 (Badajoz). The site is located in an area of ​​residential urban land, within a network of wide streets, and regular blocks, next to buildings of single-family homes with heights similar to that of the project.  


The projected work corresponds to the type of dependencies attached to a single-family semi-detached house in the characteristic urban environment of the town, consisting of a ground floor garage and a first storage room. The program of needs that is received by the property for the drafting of this project refers to the aforementioned floors, where the following units are contemplated: Ground Floor: the main access is from Albaicín street, from this it is accessed to the garage to then enter the interior patio which communicates with the house, in the patio is the access staircase to the first floor. First Floor: the stairs are disembarked through a corridor that gives direct access to the storage room.

With these premises, a new construction of dependencies attached to a single-family home is projected on a plot of regular geometry and practically flat topography, whose building is of the attached single-family type in a row to other existing ones and which will be done respecting the setbacks with respect to the boundaries. in accordance with the regulations, and where said building will be executed on two floors, ground floor garage and first storage room, in such a way that the total volume of the building is thus defined and whose interior distributions will solve the program of needs.

In the project, the section is considered a fundamental element for the configuration of the building, as it serves as a conceptual guide when it comes to relating spaces of very diverse uses, where interior spaces such as garage and storage room coexist with the flexibility of a patio with a pool where it is foreseen more public use. In addition, through the section it is possible to explain the seam between the current house and the new extension building, joining the two buildings by means of two incisions (by patio and by garage), a fact that annexes the two constructions in a single building and gives a sensation overall, one of the most important premises imposed by the developer.

Thus, it is possible to bring activity to the whole of the house, in addition to providing a feeling of spatial freedom in an initially quite segmented building and lack of light and ventilation.


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